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Weekend Warrior Pickleball

Carbon Pro 1 (Red)

Carbon Pro 1 (Red)

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Introducing the Weekend Warrior CP1 (Carbon Pro 1) - designed with top-of-the-line materials and features to take your game to the next level. This paddle features T700 carbon fiber and a HexGrip for ultimate feel. The T700 material enhances control and spin by not only increasing contact friction on every shot, but also by providing built-in texture which eliminates the need for temporary sprayed grit. This top rated carbon fiber ensures a long lasting surface.  
In addition to the premium surface is our use of a plush, cushioned grip. Guaranteed to be the best stock grip on the market, the HexGrip maximizes grip contact points by reducing slippage and wicking away moisture for a secure grip even during intense gameplay. The extra soft grip is shock absorbing, meant to alleviate added strain on the elbow and leave you with total luxury down to the touch. 

We've sourced only the best materials on the market to create a paddle that will exceed your expectations, so don't settle for less and upgrade your game today with the ultimate paddle by Weekend Warrior!


Surface - Textured T700 Raw Carbon Fiber

Core - Polymer Honeycomb
Length - 16.5"
Width - 7.5"
Handle Length - 5.5"
Thickness -16mm
Weight - 8.1oz avg
Grip - Cushioned HexGrip

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