Is the line in or out in pickleball?

When the ball hits the line in pickleball, it is considered inbounds and the rally continues. The lines on the court are considered part of the court, so if the ball touches any part of the line, it is considered a good shot. This means that a ball that lands just inside the line is considered in, while a ball that lands just outside the line is considered out.

The ability to hit the lines can be an important skill in pickleball, as it allows players to make precise shots and put pressure on their opponents. However, hitting the lines can also be challenging, as the margin for error is small and even a slight deviation can cause the ball to land out of bounds.

Overall, hitting the line in pickleball can be a game-changing moment that can swing the momentum of a match. Players should strive to hit their shots as accurately as possible, while also being aware of the location of the lines and adjusting their shots accordingly.

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